Quelz Kitchen LLC:

Website: Quelz Kitchen/

Market Location: Elks 6 Farmers Market - (Sat)

Vendor Category: Products

Quelz Kitchen is a Foodie Empire ran by self-taught Cuisine Queen, Racquel Payton. Racquel started her company with high hopes of reaching out to foodies like herself. In addition to good food, Racquel is passionate about educating minorities on the importance of nutrition, as well as the best practices to avoid nutrition-related illnesses. She is a homemaking advocate!
Quelz Kitchen offers products, such as all-natural fruit preserves, custom seasoning blends, infused oils, and a wide selection of vegan sauces, all packed with dynamic flavors. The products have trendy names, with the intent that more millennials and Gen Z consumers will be attracted to the goods, motivating them to create and cook at home!