Deborah Martinez Soaps:

Market Location: Elks 6 Farmers Market - (Sat)

Vendor Category: Soaps

Product of: Sacramento Ca.

Soap making started out as an interest. After spending numerous hours researching and reading the different oil properties and additives I decided to give it a try and started formulating my own soap recipes. I found that I really enjoy formulating recipes, designing my soap, testing batches, and looking forward to making soap that would be even better than the last. This soon turned into an enjoyable hobby and seemed to come about naturally. That enjoyment soon turned into an abundance of handcrafted soap that I can never use in my lifetime lol. Yet, I find myself continuing making soap. Many of my friends have encouraged me to go into business selling soap. I have received compliments on how good they look, smell, and feel on their skin. So here I am taking my hobby to the next level by going into the handcrafted soap business.