The Elks are committed to their mission,"So long as there are veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them. "The Elks National Veterans Service Commission was established in 1946 immediately after World War II, with the sole mission of serving our nation’s veterans. In VA clinics, veterans' homes, USOs, homeless shelters and more, thousands of Elks volunteers give generously of their time, energy and resources to serve veterans and military members each year.

Our 2019 / 2020 Veterans Projects:

New Socks and Bottled Water

Knited Hats, Scarves,Gloves

Elks #6 Members Help Residents at Yountville 2019

Left to Right: Clayton Hablitz, Dayna Schilling, ER Rudy Toralez, Pam Zanze, Joe Ignoffo and Serena Zanussi.
Each year the North Central District Elks visit the Yountville Veterans Home and put on one heck of a BBQ.  Our lodge had many volunteers to help prepare, serve and clean-up. This long standing tradition reminds us that we as Elks, are committed to our Veterans.

North Coast Honor Flight 2015

For years, many local war veterans never had the chance to visit the memorials created to honor them in Washington D.C. However, with the help of the North Coast Honor Flight, that changed.
Started in 2005, Honor Flight is now nationwide. "This gives these folks a chance to be visible again, to be validated as real whole human beings, that have had a big history," said Steven Justus, North Coast Honor Flight Co-Chairman.
This year's group is headed to Sacramento on Thursday, June 4th to board the honor flight. Veterans will fly into the Washington Dulles Airport, travel on a tour bus and return on Sunday.
Tony Muljat, 71 year member (right): Tony, just before his 20th birthday entered into the Army Air Corps where he served for 3 years. He served as Chief Clerk in France, Germany and England. Tony was in charge of Personnel Section of the 19th Tactical Air Command Headquarters. Being in a tactical unit, Tony had more officers than enlisted personnel. Because of Tony's top secret clearance Tony was often restricted to base due to his knowledge of battle plans and other top secret information. At one point, Tony was responsible for the battle plans of the Invasion of Normandy.
Clarence Facha, 54 year member (left): Just out of high school, Clarence joined the Marines. Although he had a "farm deferment," his friends had joined so he went. As part of the first wave of Marines on Saipan Island on June 15, 1944, he went in with amphibious tanks after the initial bombardment. His battalion was on the extreme left flank which, because of its exposure, suffered the worst of the counterattack. His battalion received a Presidential citation for their heroic efforts. Nine months later, on February 23, 1945, Clarence witnessed the flag raising on Iwo Jima and his battalion was awarded their second Presidential citation.