The California-Hawaii Elks Major Project, affectionately known as Purple Pig pledges its commitment to addressing the unmet needs of disabled children throughout the states of California and Hawaii by developing a program of supporting services to aid these children at no cost to the families and without discrimination.

Emilio & Marcos Garcia, 2016 - 2017 Major Project Theme Brothers

Emilio is five years of age and started receiving therapy services because of an Elk who referred the family to the Major Project. The occupational therapy services received through the Major Project has helped Emilio develop fine motor skills, gross motor play and self-care skills. He has made good progress toward achieving his therapy goals. A few of his achievements have been to develop oral motor skills for eating and pre speech. He is now toilet trained. He can cut and write the letters of his name. He is climbing more and taking risks in his gross motor play indicating an improvement in his body aware­ness and balance. He attends a special kindergarten class and is making good progress.

Marcos is three years of age and is beginning to walk. Marcos also receives occupational therapy to work on his sensory processing for learning and postural control for moving. Since occupational therapy was already serving Emilio within the home, services were quickly put in place for Marcos soon after he came home from the hospital. As a result, Marcos' torticollis (neck is twisted at birth and head is inclined to one side) was resolved quickly. He did not have feeding challenges and has shown good oral motor progress very early in his development. Marcos has just started attending a special preschool program.

The members of Elks #6 hold a special passion for this project. If you join us for Sunday Breakfast we hope you will contribute to our Purple Pig so that children like Marcos and Emilio can Walk, Talk, See, and Play.